Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August monthly member gift and new item!

Hey Jammers! August monthly member gift is the Golden Phantom, but don't you reckon there are too many things that are 'golden' in Jamaa? The Golden Phantom is a perfect precious sparkly item for your Jamtastic garden!Here is the postcard with the gift members got:
Which type have you got? And also there is a new item in Bahari Bargains, the Jamaa underwater clothing store! Here is a picture:
Do you think it is a bit unfair that nearly all items are member? I am a member myself, but I understand how unfair it is! I know Club Memberships keep Animal jam growing and going, but nearly all items for members is not that fair! Some items need to be non-member too, but we should be grateful for what we got! Happy Jamming!

Welcome to my blog!

Hey Jsmmers! Welcome to my blog, where I will tell you about new items, updates,codes and more around Jamaa! Please note I am not paid by Animal Jam to do this, I just do it for fun!Here are some of the fun things I do on this blog: Weekly random mystery:Every week I find something strange round Jamaa, and you have to use your creativity to make up a story about it! Updates,codes,new items and more!: Everything new about Jamaa will be found here! And many,many more! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and... HAPPY JAMMING!